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The Gears - Archive May 7, 2004
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Rotary Club of Everett

MAY 7, 2004

Great attendance at this week’s meeting: President Diane, Steve, George, Carmin, Tom, Liz, Bunny, Rich A., Dick, Steve, Tim, Joe F., Jen, Paul, Phil, Lou, Deb, Joe, Rich O.

Guests: Fred Clarke of the Salvation Army joined us this week. Fred will be filing for admittance into the Club.

Fines: President Diane was busy fining everyone this week. We collected $113 in fines. Over the past two weeks, more than $200 has been collected in fines.

Meeting Happenings

Well…Tim finally admitted to his birthday. It seems like his “real” birthday is January 20th. However, because Tim was not forthcoming with the date, Everett Rotary will celebrate his birthday both on January 20th and April 29th (the birthday President Diane made up for him!) Carmin intends to make a special trip back from Florida to wish Tim a Happy Birthday on an annual basis!

The Gears will now be on the web (www.everettrotary.org). It will not be mailed to your home with the exception of four Rotarians who do not have Web access. This will be the last copy of the Gears that you will receive at your home unless you are on the “special list.” Not to single anyone out, but one Rotarian who complained about not receiving the newsletter by mail will definitely NOT be receiving the newsletter at home. She works at a bank and drives a Mercedes. Oh, sorry, I forgot that there are several female bankers fitting this description. She is the “Take Out Queen.” If that doesn’t help, her initials are D.G.

CONGRATULATIONS to Julie Vitek and her husband Mark on the birth of their son, Alexander David. Alexander weighed 9lbs. 8oz. And was 201/2 inches long.

We had a stranger among us today. He looked a little like George, but this man was clean-shaven. Many Rotarians did not notice that George shaved off his mustache and had to dig deep into their pockets and were fined.

Stephanie Tallo sent an e-mail thanking the Club for the gifts that it sent. She wrote that the twins, Matt and Alex, will be visiting Rotary soon.

District Raffle Tickets are available for $20. President Diane will have then at next week’s meeting. She asks that every member purchase a ticket to support the district. The grand prize is a trip on the Queen Mary. According to Deb, it is a BBBIIIGGG Ship!


· Thursday, May 13: We will honor our Scholarship recipients. Please be there.

· Wednesday, May 19: Giggles Comedy/Raffle Drawing. See Steve Fichera for tickets ($15). All raffle tickets must be into Steve by this date. There will be No Meeting on May 20th.

· Thursday, June 3rd: Guest Speaker Dave Drislane on “Sustaining Membership.”

· Volunteers are needed to assist with the “Moving Wall” Vietnam Memorial event that will be held from 9am – 10pm on Thursday-Sunday, May 13-16 at Woodlawn Cemetery. This is an emotional tribute to the men and women who lost their lives in the Vietnam War. Thousands are expected to attend. According to Rev. Coots, next Thursday evening will be especially moving with the marching of the color guards with the “missing chair.” Representing those missing in action. Please consider volunteering and signup with Dick O’Meara or Tom Coots.

A Rotary Moment…

Once again, Joe Faulkner did a wonderful job providing information about Rotary. This week’s topic was “Women in Rotary.” It was very interesting (and upsetting to some) to learn about the efforts that were made to block women from becoming Rotarians. The first discussion to allow women into Rotary was recorded in 1910 when an attempt was made to sanction women’s auxiliaries as part of Rotary. This was overwhelming defeated. Two years later, the Belfast, Ohio Rotary Club was the first to officially reject women as members. To satisfy women, “Rotary Anns” were created in 1921. These women were not members, but rather served to bring fellowship to the families of Rotarians and to assist Rotarians in community and club activities. President Diane remarked that this was “slave labor.”

According to Joe, the ball starting rolling in 1977, when in June of that year the Duarte, California Club was bold enough to induct three female members. After refusing to drop the three women from their club, Rotary International revoked the club’s charter. The club continued without its charter and put an “X” over the Rotary insignia. Duar5te filed suit to be reinstated in 1978. It finally went to trial in 1983 and the judge rejected the Club’s request. The Club appealed and in 1986 the California State Appeals Court overruled the lower court’s decision. The Santa Monica Club immediately nominated Esther Johnson as its first official woman Rotarian.

Locally, the Everett Rotary Club admitted Lorraine Dean as its first female member. The second female admitted was Judy Lonergan, who proudly went on and on about the Medford Club’s resistance to allowing women to join. We believe that Judy is still telling the story!

Anyhow, three members of the Everett Rotary Club worked long and hard to gain the right of women to join Rotary. In true Rotary fashion, they were booed as they spoke before the Club. One of the three is still an Everett Rotarian. Hats off to Dick O’Meara for his wisdom! Today, the Everett Rotary is about 35% female and women are the fastest growing part of Rotary.